Sunday, August 9, 2009


Everything has been so busy with work and the new baby! But for the last month she has been teething! Two bottom teeth are trying to cut through and there was a couple times she was gnawing on my nipple and before I realized it they became a litte tender! Nothing compared to the blisters or nipple pain I had in the first month of BFing.

Well, tips from the lactation counselor were to maybe massage her gums and put a cool teething ring to them before she nurses. That way it might kind of numb them and she wont feel the need to gnaw on me!

The pediatrician recommended the usual: tylenol, teething rings, massage the gums with a clean finger or cold washcloth. She also brought up using one of those feeder pouches (typically used to put foods in for babies learning to eat) and to put ice in it! Well, my daughter really likes that! I found it at Wal-Mart

I also knew that Hyland's teething tablets worked well with my friend's son, and I saw they had the Hyland's teething gel too. This works much better for my 3 month old than the tablets when she's used to nothing but breastmilk! Although, I think the tablets dissolve instantly.'s been a month of her teething, and the last two days have been the worst for her. The teeth are much more visibe now like they are just about to cut through. For her sake, I hope they do, she is miserable at times. She will put her hands in her mouth and cry.

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