Monday, June 15, 2009

Going great!

So the nipple pain is completely gone! I quit letting her comfort nurse (although I admit to letting her do it at night for a little bit). I never thought breastfeeding would get so easy!

I've got a pretty good stash in the freezer, and I have been back to work for a week now. Pumping at work is going least when I remember everything! I forgot the storage bags last Thursday, but I just kept the milk in the bottles I pumped in to. We've been using the gerber storage bags which are working great, but we may try another brand and get twice as many for the price! Then he is putting the bags into the Playtex Drop-ins bottles. It seems to be working great for them while I'm gone at work.

I've been freezing the 'extra' milk that I pump flat so that it takes up less room in the deep freeze. Also, if he has to thaw out an extra one because I get home late or something, then it is thinner and thaws quicker in the bowl of water than a 'brick' of milk would!

My fiance is a work from home Daddy, doing computer tech support and building new comps for the company he works's working out so well not to have her in daycare! It makes me feel more at ease going to work knowing that she is safe at home and not with strangers!

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